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Cancellation Policy

A reservation which is cancelled or not taken up, is regarded as a cancellation and is subject to the following rules:

For a cancellation made 31 days or more prior to the arrival date, 

25% of the full reservation amount will be forfeited;

For a cancellation made 30 - 21 days prior to the arrival date, 

50% of the full reservation amount will be forfeited;

For a cancellation made 20 -11 days prior to the arrival date, 

75% of the full reservation amount will be forfeited;

For a cancellation made 10 days or less prior to the arrival date, or on the arrival date, 100% of the full reservation amount will be forfeited.

Cancellations that do not fall under the above or fall under special circumstances are liable for an administration fee (min. R250.00).

Bookings are not transferable to alternative dates.

The owners may decide to transfer a booking at their discretion provided that the new date of travel is within a reasonable period (no more than 6 weeks).

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Booking & Payment

Your Booking is secured by a 50% deposit, within 48 hours of accepting your quote.

The balance is payable in full 12 days prior to check in.

No check in is permitted without payment in full.

Acceptance of the quote and confirmation of the booking stands as an acceptance of and agreement with our Cancellation Policy; Terms & Conditions, Indemnity and Pet Policy 

We reserve the right to cancel the booking and retain the deposit should the balance not be paid by 4 day before check in and after repeated requests for payment.

Terms & Conditions

Damages and breakages to any items will be for the guests account. (Damages include burnt pots, dish cloths, oven gloves, kitchen utensils).


Additional cleaning charges may be billed for heavily soiled linens, towels and furnishings.


NO check in will be permitted if the full amount has not been paid upfront.


It is the guests responsibility to check that the booking is for the correct dates. Guests arriving a day early cannot always be accommodated and no compensation will be given should a guest get their dates wrong and arrive on the wrong day.

Right of admission is reserved.

We reserve the right to move bookings to another cottage with no notice.

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Pet Policy

Pets are not permitted without prior arrangement.

Under no circumstances do we allow pets on the furniture or bedding,

should your dog be inclined to jumping on or sleeping on furniture

please can you bring your own covers to put on the beds and furniture.

Please remember that your dog may get very dirty whilst racing around,

it may be a good idea to bring an old towel to clean him / her off with.


Costs for furniture / bedding unnecessarily dirtied or damaged by pets will be charged for.


Bring your dogs own bedding as well as food and water bowls.


We are a working farm, it is important to note that should any livestock be

damaged or killed the guest will be liable for all costs incurred.  

Please let us know if you think it likely that your dogs will chase the animals.

We take no responsibility for any dog not belonging to the owners,

please ensure that your dog is with you at all times,

and that your dog has been sterilised and / or is not in season.

NB - You bring your dogs at your own risk, Little Troutbeck

(and anyone associated with LTB) are not responsible for any

parasites or illnesses your dogs may pick up, any injuries they

may get while on our farm.  We trust our guests not to bring their dogs

if they are ill, and to deworm their dogs 2 weeks prior to arrival.

(c) 2017 by R. Watson

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